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THE WAY of Intelligence

The new newsletters are available in a Flip Book form, in addtion to a PDF.  Please be patient when opening the PDF versions of the newsletters.  Some take a long time to open because of the graphics.

#37 Winter 2015  Medical Arts - One of the Four Great Games, A Renaissance of Health, The Effects of Environemental Stress Factors, How to be Miserable and Sick Anytime, What's Going on Here - Healers, Priests and Purpose, The Vicious Cycle, The Vicious Cycle - Adapatation, Bulleting Board, Harmony Workshop Websites.

#37 Winter 2015 PDF Version

#36 Summer 2015 The 9-Step Journey, Bulletin Board, Websites

#36 Summer PDF Version

#35 Winter 2014/2015 Bulletin Board, WGOH? Part 2 Insert, Two Worlds, Guest Article

#35 Winter 2014/2015 PDF Version

#34 Summer 2014  Bulletin Board, WGOH? Part 1 Insert, Guest Article, Websites

#34 Summer 2014 PDF Version

#33 Spring 2014 Christine's Page, Sophia, Volume 1, Number 1 (full re-issue insert), Bulleting Board, Websites

#33 Spring 2014 PDF Version 

#32 Fall Harvest Buffet 2013    Assignments, Bits & Pieces of School Work, Wisdom Wall, Reference, What is the Obstruction to Transformation?, Circle of Friends Bulletin Board, Websites

#32 Fall Harvest Buffet 2013 PDF Version

#31 Fall & Winter 2012    Headlines Excerpt, Mushkil Gusha, Reference Section, Circle of Friends, Bulletin Board, Websites

#31 Fall & Winter 2012 PDF Version

#30 Spring & Summer 2012     Welcome, Rhondell's Page, Christine's Page, Tool Box, Archive Articles, Sanity Island on Second Life, Reference Section, Circle of Friends, Bulleting Board, Websites

#30 2012 Spring Summer PDF Version

#29 Fall 2011  Flip Book  Rhondell's Page (Thanxgiving and Celebrating the Holidays), Christine's Page, The Four Forces (archive articles), Excerpts, Reference Section, Sanity Island - Second Life, Cirle of Friends, Bulleting Board, Websites

#29  Fall & Winter 2011  PDF Version

#28 Summer 2011 Flip Book  The Picture of Man March 2002, The Picture of Man Spring 1995, Quite Contrary, Excerpts from Rhondell, Excerpts from Christine, The First Game, A Challenge Met to My Advantage, Meeting Challenges With Conflict, Refernce Section, The Circus of the Magic Eye, Sanity Island on Second Life, Bulletin Board, Harmony Workshop Websites

#28 Summer 2011 PDF Version

#27 Spring 2011  Letters from the Harmony Workshop Staff; Letters of Thanx to Christine; Excerpts from Rhondell; Excerpts from Christine; Reference Section; Favorite Articles; Questions and Answers; Bulletin Board; HW Sites

#26  The Basics of THE WAY of Intelligence, a Talk by Rhondell; Small Business Primer; A Fable, The Corporation; Life's Word Now Available at; The Three-legged Stool; Manipulating Attention (Food for Thought); Listing of Our Websites; The Four Forces & an Example; Supersimple Picture of Man; Supersimple Picture of Man in Conflict; Picture of Man as Designed to Function; Picture of Man, The Way of the World; THE WAY of In telligence Reference Pages; The Pit, & an Experiment; Latitude Chart; "The Fours"

#25  What's Going on in the World Today & How It Really Applies to Us; Roleplaying, Rhondell; Notes by Rhondell; Bulletin Board; Nothing Is Important Check It Out; Super Simple Picture of Man; Super Simple Picture of Man in Conflict; Picture of Man as Designed to Function; Picture of Man, The Way of the World; The "Fours"; Picture of Man in Charge of Suggestion; Postcard from Life; Awareness Feels the "What," X Does the How; Mailbox"; Good & Evil..."; Rhondell Oneliners

Summer 2008  The Four Forces Quiz: Four Ways of Man; 19 Points to Understanding Human Beings; Picture of Man as Designed to Function; Picture of Man -- The Way of the World; Reference Pages -- Fours; Alternatives to the Four Great Games; Words of Wisdom; A Temporary Purpose of Living; Use It or Lose It; Mailbox; Listing of Harmony Workshop's Websties; Picture of Man As Guest at a Big Party; Picture of Man As a Guest Who Doesn't Know the Answers to the Four Great Questions; Bulletin Board

Spring 2008  Mail Truck; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Laughter, the Best Medicine; Up the Down Stair case: Regeneration; The Four Forces; Playing the Victim is Hazardous to Your Health; The Four Great Questions & Possible Answers; The Four Great Games; The Four Ways of Man; Listing of Our Websites; Can't Stand Up & Sit down at the Same Time: We Live in What We Radiate; Picture of Man Free to Meet Challenge; The Living Cycle / The Vicious Cycle; Picture of Man with the 4DBUs as Purpose of Living; The Picture of Man

Fall 2008  Pronoia by Rob Brezsny; List of Our Websites; The Four Forces; Axioms by Rhondell; Wisdom Wall; Picture of Man as Designed to Function; Picture of Man, The Way of the World; The "Fours"; Attention is Power; Picture of Man Choosing What to Value; Can Cancer Go Away On Its Own?; Misc. Excerpts; New Address

FallWinter/ 2007  Gratitude by Rhondell; Picture of man in thanxgiving; Exerpt from the research project on Gratitude; the four forces & gratitude; “not-i” is “not-now”; four questions; four great games; four dual basic urges.

Fall 2006  Thanx, Life; Bedtime Story, Rhondell; Vibration; Exercises; Sneaky Influences; Poem, J. Barrow; Power of Tone, Rhondell; Inbox; Fun with Perception; Picture of Man & Vibration; Nature of Reality; St. Teresa's Prayer; Jokes; Bulletin Board

Summer 2006 Assignments, by Rhondell; Bits & Pieces of School Work, by Rhondell; Wisdom Wall; Chat Room; Guest Column by Tom Colucci; In Box; List of Our Websites; Picture; Prayer, from Zena; What Is the Obstruction to Transformation? by Rhondell; Bigger Picture; Bulletin Board; Reference Pages

Spring 2006 (resolution 300 dpi)     Spring 2006 (resolution 96 dpi)
Addiction, Part I, by Rhondell; About the Understanding of I, by Rhondell; Chatroom, Mailbox, Good News Story, Bits & Pieces from School Work by Rhondell, Finding a Teacher, What's Not Seen? Bulletin Board, Expanded Reference Pages.

Winter 2005--Light, Love, Laughter--Life
Light, by Rhondell; Advantages of Getting the Mood Up; Laughter, by Rhondell; Jokes; Guest Columns by Dr. Neil Fradkin and by Tom Colucci; Books, Movies, Cool Sites;; Chatroom; Love, by Rhondell; Influence, by Rhondell; Wisdom Wall; That Mona Lisa Smile; Bulletin Board; Reference Pages

Fall 2005
About the Understanding of I, by Rhondell; Wisdom Wall; Guest Column by Holly Robbins; Chatroom; Mail Truck; Wisdom/War, by Rhondell; Bulletin Board; Bits & Pieces, by Rhondell; Rise & Shine, by Martina Auger; Reference Section

Summer 2005
Con Job; Rhondell, on Opposites, and on Reporting; Chatroom; Sioux Legend; Jokes & Quotes; Guest Columns by Helen Turley and by John Barrow; NAMI (&KTMU); "The Program" excerpts; Think, Act, Feel; Thank you! Reference Pages

January 2005
Letters from Rhondell: Action, Ideals, Not-I's, the Purpose of the Teaching, What do I need?, "Why?" & "What?"; The 9-Step Journey; Real Knowing; Nuggets from the Internet; Ascending/Descending Feeling Tones. Diagrams: The Vicious Cycle, The Living Cycle; Ideals & Disappointment; Guest Column by John Barrow, "The Birth Story of New Man"; Reference Pages

September 2004
Language; Condensed version of "The Place of Language" by Rhondell; Not-I Village; Reference Pages

February 2004
Primer on Love; Sexuality, by Rhondell; Quotations on Surrendering; Chapter 8 from "Life's Word": Awareness & Union; Mary's Jar; "He praises me and I praise Him..." by Ibn al Arabi; The Picture of Man with Eros as a symbol of function; Reference pages

June 2003
Sanity Island; Coffee Shop; Worry/Joy; The Picture of Man; The Four Forces; Definitions of some terms used in THE WAY of Intelligence; Book Review, "The Roots of the Self"; Picture of Man Diagrams: A Challenge Met to My Advantage* and Meeting Challenge with Conflict*; Reference Section
*These two diagrams had to be reduced to fit and are not very legible. Click below for larger, clearer diagrams:
A Challenge Met to My Advantage
A Challenge Met With Conflict

May 2003
Shock & Awe; Chatroom; Notes on Evil, Depravity, Ignorance; Interesting Idea about Boredom; The Picture of Man for Warmongers; Reference Section

January 2003
Living THE WAY of Intelligence; Chatroom; Reporting; Rhondell on Evolving; Rhondell on Transformation; Healing; Dr. Bob's Fresh Salsa Recipe; What happens when you turn your inner state over to others; Expanding Awareness for Fun & Profit; Picture of man "The Money Game--Investing Division"; Reference Pages

November 2002
Two Worlds, by Rhondell; Four Great Games; You Can Determine How You Feel; You Can See Differently; No Need to Change; Ending Bondage--When?; Using Intelligence; The World Reflects How You Feel About It; Good Book Excerpt, "A Movement and a Rest" by Larry Underwood; Reference Pages

July 2002
More on the Picture of Man; What and Where is "Truth"? Aspects of Man; All Life has a Function Going On; Definition of Pain; Definition of Nondisturbance; Rights & Privileges; Recognizing Privileges; Decisions Usurping the Real Self; A Truth One Lives By Is Not Bad or Good, May be Inappropriate; Personal Truth Can Become Obsolete; Don't Assume this Material, Check it Out; Q & A; much more; Reference Pages

May 2002
The Picture of Man, Part Two; Frame-by-frame Drawing of the Picture of Man, taken from the animated, narrated video at; Picture of Man workshop by Rhondell: Aspects of Man, All Life has a function, Rights & Privileges and How We Turn Privileges Into Rights; Institutions & Dependency; Definition of Pain; Duality = Disintegration; Can't Add New Truth to Old Truth; A Truth One Lives By Is Not Bad or Good, May be Inappropriate' Beginning the Work; X Does Everything; Ancient Schools Now Degraded; School of Magic; Book Recommendation; How Energy Is Like Money; Religious Feeling; much more. Reference Pages

March 2002
The Picture of Man, Part One. Frame-by-frame drawing of the Picture of Man, taken from the animated, narrated video at; Picture of Man Workshop by Rhondell; Conclusions We're Unaware that We've Made; "X"; Function; Environment; Awareness; Feelings, How We Really Are; The Master Decision; Transformational Thinking; Not-I's; Seeing X and Awareness as Partners; more. Diagrams: The Vicious Cycle and The Living Cycle; Reference Pages
Missing Page 8 (replaces duplicate page 6)

January 2002
Long transcript of a Rhondell workshop about esoteric schools. THE WAY of Intelligence--Journey into the Light.

November 2001
ThanXgiving, by Rhondell (Ideals, How to Be Capable, The Only Human Problem, Terrorists & Warmongers, Suggestion, Conclusions, Perpetual Change, Saving the World; Motion--Holding, Returning, Destroying, Creating; Worrying, What Can I Do? and more); A note about September 11; Reference pages

July 2001
The Party Story, by Rhondell; Reference Section

May 2001
"Smile--You're On Candid Camera" (Self-remembering); Chatroom; A Story by Rhondell: The Four Ways; Plagiarism? (Isaiah's Job); HealingHandBook; Reference Pages

March 2001
The Picture of Man; Words of Wisdom from Rhondell: Adaptation, Authorities, Discomfort & Peace, Self-acceptance, Thoughts & Thinking, Competition, Unevolved Man, Evolving, Wanting to Know, Sentimentality, Problems, Disidentifying, Having a Calling. HealingHandBook; KTMU & NMAI; More on the Vicious Cycle

January 2001
(First Issue) Introduction to THE WAY of Intelligence; Picture of Man--The Way of Ignorance, Picture of Man--The Way of Intelligence; Definitions by rhondell of some words used in this material; The Four Forces; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Short excerpt from "Knowing How To Know" by Idries Shah (for sale from Harmony Workshop).

Awareness Journal

Fall 1992
The Map; Worker's Tool Box--Role Models; The Picture of Man Diagram; Standards, Ideals and Taste--Fault-finding; What's Going On Here?--Current Events--Suggestion & Fact; The Vicious Cycle--Adaptation; The Picture of Man--What Am I?; Not-I Page--Erroneous Decisions; The Picture of Conditioned Man; Contrived Resistance--Who's In Charge of Your Inner State of Being?; What Is My Purpose--Insatiability; Ancient Text Deciphered; Book Reviews: Travels with Dr. Death, Revelations, The Book of J, Lost in the Cosmos--The Last Self-help Book; The 4 A's--Experiencing Freely vs. Wallowing in It; What Can I Do?--Practical Work; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Q & A; Where Am I?; the Spell-checker joke; Caution--my definitions of "masculine" and "feminine"; The Four Forces

Spring 1993
Anger, Purpose, and Power; PICTURE OF MAN - Privilege; AWARENESS FUNCTION OF LIFE; WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? - NOT "Cause and Effect"; WHAT AM I? - Re:"THE THUNDER, PERFECT MIND"; Q & A - We get Questions; WAR AND PEACE - Annihilation and Obsolescence; FURNISHINGS - Lucifer; THE WAY OF THE WORLD - Suggestion; GOOD BOOK - Excerpts from EINSTEIN'S DREAMS by Alan Lightman; DESTROYING ENERGY - Motion and Emotion; WORKER'S TOOLBOX - Practical Work; FOR INSTANCE - Pictures of Man; THE FOUR DUAL BASIC URGES - Examples; "BEING SPIRITUAL" - Everything You Do is "Spiritual" When You are Aware of It; WEIGHT WATCHING - Adaptation; More FOR INSTANCE - Pictures of Man;

Summer 1993
Awareness Function of Life, or, The "Feminine"; What's Going On Here?--Healers, Priests, Purpose; The Vicious Cycle; Adaptation, or "Dis-ease"; Self-Knowing--Beliefs; Not-I Page--Idiot-savant; Picture of Man Diagrams; Leah's Page--Annie Knew Love; Q & A; The Four Dual Basic Urges--A Conscious Purpose--and "Opposites"; On the Path--"A-ha!"; Worker's Tool Box--Tools Wrongly Used Don't Help Create, They Destroy; ...and a Time to Laugh; What Can I do?--Conscious Man; Psychology; The Four Forces

Fall 1993
Special Reader Feedback Issue - The Picture of Man; PICTURE OF CONDITIONED MAN - Problems; EVALUATING - It's not Important, Intuition; LOOKING AND SEEING - Kids, The Church; OBJECTIVITY - What am I, Ya Hafta Laugh (Or You'll Cry); CHECKING IT OUT - Does it Fit?,  Four Forces in Action; FOUR FORCES - Initiative, Resistance, form, Result; YOUR EDITOR - Who Writes This Stuff Any  Way?; THE FOUR DUAL BASIC URGES - Greed; WHAT'S GOING ON HERE NOW? - Discrimination, Imagination; LIFE ON THE PATH - Sound Familiar, Anyone?; The Vicious Cycle, Next Time, MATTHEW 9:16-17 - The Curriculum Has Been Outlined; Bugs; TONE SCALE - Vitality; PURPOSE - Signs and Demonstrations; THE VICIOUS CYCLE - Binges; OF INTEREST

Winter 1993
Work; Parable: "Spilling the Rose Oil"; Self-knowing: Disidentification & Rejection; Worker's Tool Box: Practice & Power; The Gatekeeper--What Is In The Way?; Ideals--Holiday Blues; Q & A; Real I Is Love--Self-esteem; We Get Mail; Poem from a Shy Guy; What's Going On Here?--Drop-Outs (regarding suicide); Foundation--The Three-Legged Stool (Patience, Repentance, Service); Leah's Page--Power; What Am I?--The Picture of Man; Not-I Page--The False Self; "I Am"--The Thunder Perfect Mind; Let's Lighten Up--The Great Game; The Four Dual Basic Urges

Spring 1994
Forums (Chat Rooms); Mail Box: An Experiment; Craps, You Lose, Making Friends, Fear, Plans, Buttons by Jonathan H., FTE, Feelings, Beeping Awake, Self-knowing AND, Out of the Mouths of Babes, Promotion, The Human Experience; Beliefs, Suggestions, the Four Forces; Conflict--"Problems"; Leah's Page--Love; Four Types of Love; The Picture of Man--Miracle of the New Man; Book Reviews: The Fifth Child, The Chosen, Hinds' Feet on High Places, The Magic Monastery, Sacred Eyes, Extremes "Reflections on Human Behavior", God's Laughter "Man & His Cosmos", The Female Ancestors of Christ; Awareness--Discovering "Femininity"; "He/She" Picture of Man; What's Going on Here--War, Brutality, Victims; Living/Dying In the Midst of Violence Pictures of Man; The Trip--Parable of the Pilot by Jonathan H.; Being Responsible--A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard; The Four Dual Basic Urges

Fall 1994
Vertical Input; Not-I Page; Picture of Man; Mailbox; Yom Kippur Prayer; The four dual Basic Urges; Relationships; Fire Sale; The Four Forces; Linda's Page; Good Books, Etc; Bulletin Board

Winter 1994
Growing up; Picture of Conditioned Man; Reaction/Response; Forces; Harmlessness; Suggestion; Violence Debate; Fun; Method; Mysticism; History of the Material; Grace; Addiction to Not-I Thinking; Contemplation; BalancING; Discipline; Friends; Forgiving; Think, Act, Feel; Female Chauvinist Piggy? Increased Necessity; The Remover of All Difficulties; Pumpkin Parable; 2nd Force is Essential; Worker's Tool Box--Get a Grip; Love; Predictability; The Four Dual Basic Urges

Spring 1995
"I" Exam; Mail Box; Real Grief; Long-Ago Words of Wisdom; Letters From Friends; From Mitra M; From Rick L; One of These Days - From Jim W; Love Notes; More Mail Box; Book Reviews; The Picture of Man - Picture of Man - Picture of Conditioned Man; The Four Forces, Bulletin Board

Summer/Fall 1995
Role Playing; Diagrams: Unconscious PLAY of One's Life, Conscious PLAY of One's Life; The Four Forces; Something Interesting about Pyramids; Reaching the In-between, by Claudia; Who Is God?; Some of My Friends' Work; The Chain of Command by Rick L.; Gifts from the Magi; Reflections from Bob T.; The (Really) Big Boys; Book Reviews: Say I Am You--Rumi; A Woman's Book of Grieving, How to Argue and Win Every Time, The Immune Power Personality, Illuminata, Wherever You Go There You Are; Mail Box; Remarks about the Oklahoma City Bombing; Words of Wisdom

Winter 1995
A personal note regarding the passing of Rhondell; Mail Box; How do I STAY awake? Loving; Conditioned Others; Wake-up Tools; Ignore Not-I, Not People; Reporting; 2nd Force--Real and Contrives; What Is My Purpose?; Pains in the Neck; Baraka; Doing the Work; Some Things Are None of My Business; Letter from Robin F. Parable from Bob T.; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Relationships--Xmas Blues & The Work; The Four Forces; Cartoons by Bob T.; Christmas Card; Bulletin Board

Spring 1996 
Resistance is My Self!; Picture of Man; Picture of Conditioned Man; Spirit's Human Expression; The Four Dual Basic Urges; The Secret to Living; Spirit's Functions; Mail Box; Books for Sale; Bulletin Board

Summer / Fall 1996
Good Leather; Mail Box; The Picture of Man; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Spiritual Ecology; Picture of Spiritual Pollution; Books; Bye-Bye AJ; Playing with the Picture of Man

Winter 1996
Self-knowing; Diagrams--The Picture of Man, The Picture of Conditioned Man; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Natural 2nd Force and Contrives 2nd Force; Mail Box; Buzzwords: "Karma"; Spiritually Correct Bedtime Stories; Book Reviews

Final Issue
Good Books; Mail Box; Good Leather; Bulletin Board; Obituary, Idries Shah; Obituary, Joe Finnochio; URLs; Principles

Sophia, Creating a Soul--Wisdom Journal

This newsletter is THE WAY of Intelligence as seen through the lens of "The School of Romance," using art and literature as it might relate to the principles. Sophie was written for women, though eventually the mailing list was nearly half men (all of whom requested to be added). It is a specific point of view, and not to everyone's taste.

Volume 1  Number 1 June/July 1994 
Creating a Soul; Picture of Man with Properly Function Awareness or "Soul"; Wither Thou Goest: "This is the time of tension between dying and birth..." from T.S. Eliot, "Ash Wednesday"; Excerpt from "The Book of Wisdom"; Remembering Wisdom; Picture of Conditioned Man; Cover Story ("Eros & Psyche" by Canova); The Four Forces

Volume 1  Number 2  August/September 1994
Why "Sophia"? "He & She" Picture of Man; Cover Story: Life is the Lover, Awareness the Beloved; Ballad; "She'll Walk Till She Finds Him"; "He praises me and I praise Him..." Ibn `al Arabi; The Motherless Child; Erroneous Decisions; Creating a Soul; Picture of Conditioned Man; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Second Force; Bulletin Board

Volume 1  Number 3 November/December 1994 
Picture of Man; Angels; Quote from Psalms; Angel Stories; The Four Dual Basic Urges: Botticelli Picture of Man? The Four Forces and the Removing Angel; Commentary on Angels

Volume 1  Number 4  Spring/Summer 1995 
Recognition; Reality "The man in the bed and the lady in the chair must suffer this event, but in reality it is almost nothing."; Listening and Discovery and Service; A Meditation on Eve; "`Twas a long parting..." Emily Dickenson; Mary's Journal--"Goodbye"; Picture of Conditioned Man: Mary with 7 Devils; Mary Purified of 7 Devils, Reunited with Her Beloved

Volume 1  Number 5  Fall/Winter 1995
Process; The Map; The 9-Step Journey; The Four Dual Basic Urges; The Four Questions; The Four Forces; The Four Ways; Mail Box; Eve's Apple; "He/She" Picture of Man; The Tree of Life; Wisdom; "If she is..." by Linda Solomon; What is "She"?; Picture of distorted, perverted "feminine aspect; Picture of fully developed "feminine" aspect; Helpers on the Journey; Instructions for Meeting Your Guardian Angel; Interesting Quotes; Picture of a cowboy "in touch with his feminine side"

Volume 2  Number 1 Spring 1996
Cover Story--Mary's Jar; The Dance; The Four Dual Basic Urges; Symbols--Form and a Meaning of Form; What's Going on Here; Music; Mary; Diagram: Four Facets to Spirit Having a Human Experience--Mary & Spirit Radiate; Wisdom; Picture of Man: Mary with "Seven Devils"; Book of Wisdom; Particle and Wave; The Four Forces; Mail Box

Volume 2  Number 2  Summer 1996
Selections of merchandise from our Good Leather (& Good Books) Store, including reviews of some books we sell (Marion Woodman, Doris Lessing, much more); Mail Box; Wisdom; Picture of Man "Human Being Acquiring Wisdom"; Picture of Man "Human Being Without Wisdom"; The Four Dual Basic Urges; The Four Forces & Creating a Soul

Volume 2  Number 4 and 5  Summer 1998
Architecture, Temples of Relationship, Bye-Bye Sophie, From our Good Books, New Good Books, The Hermitage, The Cat Archetype, Rhondell Speaking, Sophie Speaking, Interesting Web Pages, The Picture of Man - Hollywood Version, POM, The Reality Illusion, The Four Forces and Creating a Soul, Check It Out, The Pulse of the Princess, Bulletin Board, The Four Dual Basic Urges

FTE (Free to Experience) A Newsletter for Awareness
Late 1980s, early 1990s

Vol.I No.9
Interpretation; Sensation; Column for Men (and Interested Others); Wisdom, drawn by Helen Turley; We Get Questions; Worthy Quote, "Self-absorption unto death"; The Right to Know and Our Real Bill of Rights; Definitions; Emily Dickenson poem; Diagrams, The Picture of Man and The Picture of Conditioned Man; Article, Twin stars more common than ever expected; Symbolism--Parable, by Phyllis Robertson; Ecology

Vol.I Nos.10 & 11
Surrender; The Picture of Man; An Ideal World? Positive Thinking and the Four Forces; "Why Don't People DO IT?" Noblesse Oblige; It Balances; The Loaves and the Fishes; Mutterings of a Journey; Responsibility; To a Friend by Carolyn F.; FTE by April; Know Yourself; We Get Letters; Free to Be An Idiot; Personality UNIT? Column for Men (and Interested Others); The Four Dual Basic Urges; Storytelling for Fun & Profit; The Will of God; Wisecracks; We Get Questions; New Books

Vol.II No.1
Fulfillment Is Within; Tension & Conflict; The Four Forces; A Fable; The Mundane & the Divine; The Temple; We Get Questions; Paradox & Either/Or; Loss & Time; The Foundation; Putting a New Patch on an Old Garment; Not-I's; Quickies

Vol.II No.2
Baraka; The Not-I is NOT I! Suicide Machine; Ignorance; "The Wise One" by Cindy Bullen; Spitting at Life; Unmasked: Crisis; We Get Questions; Free Will; If You Want to Write or DO Anything; Picture of Man Diagrams

What's Going On Here

 Volume 1 Number 1     Letter from Rhondell, Guest Book, Party Food Recipe - Dr. Bob's Poached Fresh Salmon, What am I?, What is Love
Volume 1 Number 2     Letter from Rhondell, Guest Book, I Beleive, What is Meant by Being Asleep?, Party Food Recipe - Ambrosia, Snake
Volume 1 Number 3     Letter from Rhondell, Guest Book, Party Food Menu - Princess Dinner, What am I?, Comic Strip
Volume 1 Number 4     Letter from Rhondell, Guest Book, The 9-Step Journey, Q&A, Bulletin Board, Party Food Recipe - Dr. Bob's Chili Colorado, The Soul Purpose
Volume 1 Number 5     Letter from Rhondell, Party Food Recipe - Dr. Bob's Yeast Fry Bread, Cultivation, Preview to Headlines, Bulletin Board, What Can I Do?, Let This Life Be
Volume 1 Number 6     Letter from Rhondell, Bulletin Board, Subjective and Objective Conciousness, Party Food Recipe - Dr. Bob's House Dressing, Guest Book, A Birthday Poem,
                                      Another Poem, Q&A, Comic
Volume 1 Number 7     Letter from Rhondell, Party Food Recipe - Baby Back Ribs, Ideals, Guest Book, Bulletin Board, Best Remedies Article, The Way, In Bali, A Little Light, Hugging
Volume 1 Number 8     Letter from Rhondell, Party Food Recipe - Turkey Stroganoff over Noodles, Bulletin Board, Freedom, Magic
Volume 1 Number 9     Letter from Rhondell, Motivation, Bulletin board, Party Food Recipe - Miss Georgia's Southern Basting Sauce, Q&A, Non-disturbance, Like All Life,
                                      An answer to Prayer, Being an Actor Instead of a Reactor
Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 2
Volume 2 Number 3     Transformation, Party Food Recipe - Dr. Bob's Salsa, Amusements, Bits and Pieces from School Work, Letter from Rhondell, Comic, Bulletin Baord, The 4 DBUs
Volume 2 Number 4     Picture of Conditioned Man, Letter from Rhondell, A Misconception and a Remedy, Bulletin Board, Bits and Pieces from School Work, Amusements, Comic
Volume 2 Number 5     The Living Cycle, The Role of Environmetal Factors in Health, The Vicious Cycle, Poem, Bits and Pieces from Shool Work,
Volume 2 Number 6     About the Understanding of "I", Bulletin Board, Bits and Pieces from School Work, Brighten Your Corner
Volume 2 Number 7     Letter from Rhondell, Bulletin Board, Guest List, Comic, Bits and Pieces from School Work, Four Ways of Man
Volume 2 Number 8     Letter from Rhondell, Wisdom, Bulletin Board, Picture of Man, Misery and the Law, Resistance, Bits and Pieces of School Work
Volume 2 Number 9
Volume 2 Number 10 & 11     Letter from Rhondell, Wisdom, Bulletin Board, Addiction Part 2, Bits and Pieces from School Work, The Vicious Cycle,  Addiction Part 1, Wisdom
Volume 2 Number 12     Letter from Rhondell, Where do I Live? Or, Home is Where the Heart is
Volume 3 Number 1     Letter from Rhondell, Faces of Death, Excerpt from The Prince, Quote
Volume 3 Number 2     Letter from Rhondell, The Living Cycle, Bariers to Learning, Buletin Board, Resistance, Bits and Pieces from Shool Work

Volume 3 Number 3 & 4     Letter from Rhondell, The Many Faces of the Vicious Cycle, Risk, If I Were You, The Master Decision,
Volume 2 Number 5     Letter from Rhondell, Quotes, Mounting the Trichnometer Indiccator Support, The Effects of Environmetal Stress Factors, Pets, bits and Pieces of School Work,

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