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This site contains online versions of some of our hardcopy newsletters. 

Newsletters are now in a Web Flip Book version and in PDF format. The Web Flip Book reads like a magazine and you do not need a special viewer to read it!  You will need Adobe Reader to read the PDF version, which is probably on your computer and if so will load when you click the title of the newsletter you'd like to view. If you don't have Adobe Reader,  download free copy here.

Please note: All newsletters prior to Spring 2006 were not originally prepared for scanning and .pdf viewing, so you might find some with smaller type difficult to read online. You can enlarge the pages inside Adobe Reader. If you print them they will automatically enlarge to fill a letter-size page. However, if you don't have a color printer, most color pages will look "muddy" when printed in grayscale and may be illegible. If you would prefer the hardcopy editions, click to . They are sent by US Mail, don't forget your zip code.

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